Phill Stitt - Drums and Vocal

"Philly Joe", as Phill Stitt would like to be affectionately known to the band  ( rather than "man, don't play so loud!" ) is a lover of blondes ( just ask his wife , Linda ), red wine and cigars, and is always dressed at gigs in a fashion conscious manner, frequently embarrassing others in the band with his overdressing .

Despite being unfairly labelled by some as " a cad and a bounder " because of these traits by jealous or disappointed female groupies, Philly Joe plays drums with relentless changing rhythm and boundless energy ( in part fuelled by between set chocolate bars ) . His Coffs Harbour Conservatorium and local area school drum students weep and gnash their teeth when he demonstrates his prowess.

If encouraged he also sings a mean ballad....much to the disappointment of Roger Burke.

Like Bruce the bass player, offer him a glass of red at a gig, and he will regale you with jazz recalled moments of his Sydney life....just be sure that the selected red is of quality befitting a man with his "cut of cloth ".