Roger Burke - Sax & Flute

Veteran Irish –( “...I’m only in it for the money...” ) saxophonist Roger Burke started life as a forester in WA.

Roger soon became disillusioned with Forestry’s regular pay and great career prospects, despite his zero talent embarked on a career as a saxophonist.

After breaking the hearts of saxophone teachers around Australia, and being hounded from more gigs than he cares to remember, Roger & Ali spent 4 years in Hobart

“....The first editions of my RBQ appeared during this Tasmanian period, and a number of our recordings by ABC FM, featured on the “Jazz Track” radio programme in 1988.
I expected music to take a back seat when we moved to Bellingen about twenty years ago, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised .

RBQ in it’s various incarnations has played from Murwillumbah to Port Macquarie and I was Music Director of the Bellingen Jazz Festival for a number of years...."

Roger has re-entered the world of trees with his two companies in Bellingen, Rose Gum Timbers and Solar Dryers Australia (SDA)
SDA has developed a unique system of Solar Kiln Drying of timber and sells kilns around the world.