Santo Cimino - Semi Acoustic Electric Jazz Guitarist

Santo Cimino,  semi acoustic electric jazz guitarist extraordinaire of the Roger Burke Quartet, was once asked by a stupid little boy under his masterful guitar tuiton "please Mr Cimino, sir, what gives you that ethereal exquisite tone and those improvisational ideas that  sound like a rainbow dancing across an alpine lake in the early spring sunshine?" 

" you stupid little boy....the answer is GOD ....I refer of course, my child, in the first and not third person ".

You may suspect the veracity of this legendary tale, but Santo's guitar playing is oft discussed in reverential tones and such embellished prose not just by himself to himself , but by the other members of the band in his absence,especially when he is occasionally replaced at gigs by a bearded banjo player from the wild hills of the Thora Valley who shall for ever remain nameless.

Also open to corruption of red wine offered, Santo can have  band members  and blonde groupies " rolling in the aisles " with his larger than life Wes Montgomery impersonations, and can debate endlessly with unending passion and certain conviction the correct choice and nomenclature of chordal changes for the bands selected "tunes du jour."